Dead Horsemeat by Dominique Manotti

Dead Horsemeat

Dominique Manotti

Superintendant Daquin is a truly unconventional hero and a very likeable man. Openly gay he delights in flouting the establishment and will go to any lengths to clean up corruption in 1980s' Paris; nor is the international dimension ignored. Reading may be slowed by the unfamiliar names and the use of the present tense; but then it's speeded up by the sheer suspense. I hope many more of Manotti's superb thrillers will be published in the UK.

'So, make your mind up, Monsieur Aubert,' says Daquin, 'Either you admit to paying the Dragoviches 50,000 to kill Rouma and we accept your version of the motives behind it - your sentence will be a bit longer, but you'll still have your support, your money and your family - or you deny it. In which case ... you and your family will be dead.'
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