Distance by Ewan Morrison


Ewan Morrison

An astonishing description of all the joy, agony, fear and love that goes to make up a deep sexual relationship. Hugely honest on how people feel and behave when they’re not sure they should feel and behave. Think of a sort of transatlantic Pride and Prejudice, with lots of sex (and you will only begin to get a glimmer of what this book encompasses).


Woke late after a sleepless night worrying about him. Flashback to our night of fear - the bridge. Put my earplugs in. The phone might have rung all night for all I know. One answerphone message from him. Explaining. So many sorries - he left the phone off the hook, his battery was out of power. Feeling down now. Full of doubts.

  • Upstairs in the Tent by Cynthia Rogerson
  • The Drowning People by Richard Mason
  • Bridget Jones' Diary by Helen Fielding

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