Hate: A Romance by Tristan Garcia

Hate: A Romance

Tristan Garcia

A tale of four Parisians linked by friendship, love, jealousy, sex and disease. 80’s Paris is the powerhouse of left wing politics, gay liberation and intellectual superiority (or snobbery?). The advent of AIDS disturbs their joie de vivre and worlds fall apart. Although simply written, this debut is not an easy read – the political and intellectual arguments can be difficult to grasp. But perseverance is repaid with a thought-provoking read.

'For what, seven, eight years it was part of my life, like a war that starts somewhere at the other end of the world, then spreads to Europe, then suddenly it's happening in your own country. By the end of the eighties, when you and I got to know each other, everyone I used to know was dead.'
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Explicit sexual content