The Marriage Bureau for Rich People by Farahad Zama

The Marriage Bureau for Rich People

Farahad Zama

What a delightful, funny, touching book. I loved Mr and Mrs Ali - their bickering, their wisdom, their compassion. This was a magical depiction of that classic battleground - family, property, class - and marriage.

'Oh, it is still a big family and they all live together, too,' said Mr Raju. Their faces fell.
Mr. Ali nodded and suddenly remembered. 'Ha, ha!' he said. 'There is one important detail I forgot to mention. His mother is no more. She has gone to heaven.'
He pointed a finger up towards the sky.
Mr Raju was still frowning, but his wife brightened up.
'You mean...' she began.
'That's right, interrupted Mr Ali, 'your daughter won't have a mother-in-law. You know what they say: a woman without a mother-in-law is a very fortunate daughter-in-law.'
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