Greenfly by Tom Lee


Tom Lee

The majority of the 12 stories in this debut collection are strong, compelling and have a claustrophobic, mysterious and psychological effect. Others, however, are less intriguing and seem to be more experimental in style. On the whole, this is an unusual collection which focus on the themes of paranoia, tension, and suspense.

The tycoons, the investors, appeared every day to watch their money curdle before their eyes. Day after day they watched in silence, compelled, their expressions dumb with the impossibility of what they were seeing. The rest of the town turned out too, along with the curious from further afield, to witness the spectacle. The sun was shining. The mountains were raw and beautiful. Children played in the slush. It was an event and the town was once more notorious. It was not the event they had been led to expect.
  • It's Beginning to Hurt by James Lasdun
  • The Theory of Light And Matter by Andrew Porter