Bang Crunch by Neil Smith

Bang Crunch

Neil Smith

This collection of short stories cover a wide range of situations from the slightly ridiculous to the truly tragic. The themes include the widow who keeps her late husband's ashes in a curling stone to which she talks and the death of a premature baby

The narrators are young, old, male and female and even inanimate objects. The author changes his writing style to suit the story. Most contain much dialogue but one, the title story, has none.

An enjoyable and interesting collection - ideal to dip in and out.


When Carl died, Max was upset that I'd stopped up his father's ashes in a curling stone. Why not sprinkle them in a forest or a river the way normal people do? But I insisted on the curling stone. I wanted Carl around.

I wanted him around for the camaraderie.

But that's not all, is it?

The compassion he'd shown me.

There's more to it than that.

The memory of love.

What else?

I swot at my stupid tears.

You've stayed dry this long because of one thing.

One thing?

Me. My presence. My constant watch. I'm your rock.

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