A Choreographer's Cartography by Raman Mundair

A Choreographer's Cartography

Raman Mundair

Roam from Shetland to India via a sexual encounter in Blackpool. Discover the joys of bhangra and the shoormal. Find out about Queen Victoria and her Sikh bodyguard. Or why the waltz is subversive. Go on a poetic joyride, a dance of compassionate anger and sensual sensitivity. Or simply sit back, let the language flow over you and enjoy.

December darkness,
the comfort of bed
creeps closer as hours
contract - folding in sleep,
Snug - the sound of rain
lonely against the pane,
waiting to be let in

South Nesting, Shetland
  • Darling by Jackie Kay
  • Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect by Robert Burns
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Explicit sexual content