Ballad of a Happy Immigrant by  Leonardo Boix

Ballad of a Happy Immigrant

Leonardo Boix

Forget any expectations of voyages filled with suffering and experiences of racist rejection. This unusual poetry collection is a joyful celebration of cross-cultural inheritance and identity, gay freedom and word-popping delight in the everyday things of a new life. An absolute delight.


He takes lodgings in Water Street, smokes his Argentinian pipe,

visits the Olympia theatre, sends a telegram in Spanish to his wife

and only son: Dear amor, arrived safe here. City is bigger than I thought,

badly damaged by the war. Nobody understands my bad English. People

are courteous, polite. Some never heard of Argentina. They guess it's too far,

if they guess at all. Here it rains every day. How is my Raulito?

The crew ask after you both. Tell everyone I'm well. Love. Tu esposo.

Signs of all his letters with an R. Licks the new Queen's posterior.

From SS General Pueyrredon


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