Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel

Wolf Hall

Hilary Mantel

A mountain of a book that may feel like something of a challenge at the start, but once you’re on the way, it does get easier. There’s plenty of historical detail just waiting to be lapped up – and some unexpected treats, even for those who know the Tudor period well. As your reach the summit, you’ll be rewarded by a feeling of great achievement and knowledge.

The knocking at the gate comes after midnight. His watchman rouses the household, and when he goes downstairs - wearing a savage expression and in all other respects fully dressed - he finds Johane in her nightgown, her hair down, asking 'What is this about?' Richard, Rafe, the men of the household steer her aside; standing in the hall at Austin Friars is William Bereton of the privy chamber, with an armed escort. They have come to arrest me he thinks.
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