Disgusting books to shock you

If you’re up for the challenge and not easily offended, there are some seriously outrageous books to sample here. This selection is not for the faint-hearted – the books are not only repugnant in content but also can feel like a shocking assault on your sensibilities as a reader. There are some which have scandal at their core – shameless behaviour but oh so addictive to read about. Others are gruesome – even distasteful – but exude a horrific fascination to the observer. A percentage might actually induce nausea and you may need to walk away to a place where you can breathe clean air before returning for more.

But there is entertainment too – a refreshing break from the ordinary and the opportunity to suspend the moral code of real life. The covers really deliver – what a collection of deliciously sleazy and shocking images. And with some covers, you just can’t work out what’s going on. ‘Come Closer’ beckons one title – and how could you refuse?

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