Funny books with all kinds of humour

Funny books are a funny thing! Humour is a very personal choice – what makes one reader howl with laughter will leave another missing the joke. However, the best news is we are all experts on what tickles out funny bone. So what is your kind of funny?  The sophisticated, witty  rather droll kind of tale – or something more slapstick, in your face, outrageous? This is where covers play a huge part in the decisions we make when choosing a book to make us laugh – or should that be – raise a small smile. Look at the range of images below – trust your instincts and make a choice. They’re all here – jokey, clever, whimsical, amusing. And if the cover isn’t enough – click again and further assistance is immediately visible with a comment about the book and a short extract. A kind of try before you buy (or borrow). Enjoy the ride.

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