Long books to read

Long books are pure indulgence. Set aside precious time, away from the stresses and strains of everyday life, and lose yourself completely in the many, many pages of an epic read. Discovering a book that is worth this kind of commitment is magical – and once you feel confident that it’s a keeper, you can relax deeply into a serious, long-term love affair. You may know you want a big, fat book but what are you looking for in it?  Here you will find companions who will make you laugh, share their wisdom, challenge your complacencies, take you into new exciting worlds, even test your limits. This is an occasion when size does matter – girth and volume are all. So don’t rush your choice, browse through the covers, sample the extracts and savour the decision making, knowing you will be spending hours in the company of this hefty tome.  And the good news is – even the weakest wrist can tackle an enormous brick of a book thanks to the audio and ebook formats.

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Under a Pole Star

Stef Penney

Children of Earth and Sky

Guy Gavriel Kay

Ahab's Wife

Sena Jeter Naslund

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Stieg Larsson

Ugly Duckling

Amita Mukerjee


Mia Gallagher

The Zoya Factor

Anuja Chauhan

In the Shape of a Boar

Lawrence Norfolk

A Spot of Bother

Mark Haddon

Crooked River Burning

Mark Winegardner

The Lacuna

Barbara Kingsolver


Lesley Lokko

The Hungry and the Fat

Timur Vermes

The Scar

China Mieville


Jonathan Franzen

The Pirate's Daughter

Margaret Cezair-Thompson

Uncertain Light

Marion Molteno

A Man in Love

Karl Ove Knausgaard

The Butterfly Box

Santa Montefiore

The Street Sweeper

Elliot Perlman

The Vorrh

Brian Catling

The Map of Love

Ahdaf Soueif


Wesley Stace

The Legacy

Kirsten Tranter

Blue Mars

Kim Stanley Robinson

The Alchemy of Desire

Tarun Tejpal

Red Mars

Kim Stanley Robinson

We That Are Young

Preti Taneja

Prince of Ayodhya

Ashok Banker

A Thread of Grace

Mary Doria Russell

The Parisian

Isabella Hammad

Traveller of the Century

Andres Neuman

River of Smoke

Amitav Ghosh

The Years of Rice and Salt

Kim Stanley Robinson

Wizard of the Crow

Ngugi wa Thiong'o


Andy Remic

The Historian

Elizabeth Kostova

Ishq and Mushq

Priya Basil

Thin Air

Richard Morgan

The Farewell Symphony

Edmund White

Too Like the Lightning

Ada Palmer

I Know This Much is True

Wally Lamb

Tales of Protection

Erik Fosnes Hansen

The Terranauts

TC Boyle


Dan Simmons

This Thing of Darkness

Harry Thompson

Just Friends

Robyn Sisman

Heaven's Reach

David Brin

The Observations

Jane Harris

Skippy Dies

Paul Murray