The Most Fun We Ever Had by Claire Lombardo

The Most Fun We Ever Had

Claire Lombardo

Life is messy. Even for lifelong sweethearts David and Marilyn. Their 4 daughters have their own troubles and there’s a lot of sibling rivalry. Wendy, the eldest, lots of cash, drinks too much. Victoria, stiff upper lip, with a secret. Lisa, pregnant by a depressed boyfriend and insecure Grace. And then a long lost teenager pops up in their life. This family saga could have been a bit more condensed, but hey, who cares when you’re having fun!

'Would you like a glass of wine?' Wendy asked.
'Well.' Marilyn glanced at the clock. 'Well, sure, why not.'
Yes, I get it, Mom, she thought. I get that I make you uncomfortable enough to want to day-drink. She made sure her mother's eyes followed her over to the rack in the dining room, followed her manicured fingers touching the necks of a few bottles.
'I just got a really lovely Chablis from a friend of ours at the American School.'
'Don't waste any of your fancy stuff on me, Wend; I'm a rube.'
If she were feeling especially ornery Wendy would have said, All I have is 'fancy stuff,' Mom, but she wasn't, so she pulled down the Chablis.
'That's a very pretty bottle,' her mom said.
'I'll give it to you to use as a vase when you leave.'
'Oh, well, I doubt we'll finish an entire bottle.' Again, if feeling ornery, she would have said, You bet your ass we will.
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