Unpredictable books to keep you guessing

When we look for an unpredictable book we want to be surprised by the twists and turn of the plot or by the behaviour of a character. The phrase - ‘I would never have guessed that in a million years’ is the nirvana for this kind of reading experience. These are the books we race through – revelling in the unexpected and eager to discover the truth.

Unpredictable books offer a huge reading adventure – where anything and everything is possible. These are the ones that rip up the rules – it’s their raison d’etre and their dangerous attraction. Anything is up for grabs with character, plot and language. These are the books that buck the system – and if you’re a rebel at heart, they may be crying out for you. And if you’re more conventional in real life – these books offer a safe opportunity to live life on the edge. Chancy – yes. Thrilling - double yes. And if it’s step too far, close it up and walk away.

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