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Falling Through Clouds by Anna Chilvers

A compelling update of a medieval romance, which kept me reading not just for the suspense but also for the moving love story. If youve no idea of the novels basis (the story of Sir Gawain and the green knight), it wont interfere at all with your enjoyment, but should increase its unpredictability.

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Blind Sunflowers by Alberto Mendez

Through four beautifully written, loosely connected stories of the Spanish Civil War, I experienced the full impact of the futility, sadness, stupidity and wastefulness of conflict. These powerful and passionate tales show us life from the losers point of view but also make us feel the indifference to life that brutalises the victors. A very moving read.

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Butterfly Soup by Jan Marsh

A classic murder mystery, where the heroine, in this case a gay counsellor, investigates to prove her client innocent. In spite of discouragement from friends, family and fellow professionals Gabrielle wins the day against the baddies at some risk to herself. Exotic surroundings are provided by the New Zealand countryside and some interesting Maori touches add local interest. Short enough to be enjoyed at one sitting.

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Valeria's Last Stand by Marc Fitten

Spinster Valeria, 68, approves of nothing and nobody until she falls for the village potter but she has a feisty rival in Ibolya, 58, the inn-keeper who flaunts her breasts to increase beer sales! This love triangle is the talk of the village until the arrival of an ambitious chimney sweep further complicates matters. Light, highly entertaining and proof that you are never too old for love.

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Bumping by Tony Bianchi

What is it that links an old Californian ladybird miner, a lock-picking teenager, a commuter who bumps into an old school adversary, a mum obsessed by Relocation, Relocation and number 17 Coble Court, Newcastle? In this book three separate, distinctively told stories interweave to reveal unexpected and catastrophic connections between seemingly unrelated people. The books soaked in Tyneside atmosphere and will appeal to sharp-eyed readers adept at spotting clues and joining the dots.

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