Mister, Mister by  Guy Gunaratne

Mister, Mister

Guy Gunaratne

This is an engrossing and thought-provoking novel about identity and belonging. You are drawn into a world where cultures collide, secrets unravel while an undercurrent of dread creeps along, but also where the power of friendship shines through. This book is a must-read for anyone seeking a deeply satisfying and enlightening story.


Eng-ger-land! Eng-ger-land! Eng-ger-land!

I'll paint your white bodies black again

With the blood flooding up from your flag

Just a fragment, Mister - though I've read countless interpretations of this one verse since. I can tell you now, it came out of nowhere at the time. All I remember is the sense of triumph at getting it out of me.

Probably, you have a clipping of this poem in your bag. Maybe you have it cut from one of them papers say, them fear-mongering red tops, Mister, who took what I'd written and claimed it eventually, as intolerable, hate-filled and properly prophetic...

But all that comes later.

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