The Hunger of Women by Marosia Castaldi

The Hunger of Women

Marosia Castaldi

Rosa combats her loneliness with a frenzied cooking spree. The locals, following the exquisite fragrances, flock to her home to indulge in sumptuous feasts of food and love. A mouth watering and sensual celebration of gluttony and passion - what's not to love? The move away from traditional sentences and punctuation may seems strange at first - but I found it really helps the narrative to flow.


My daughter went to pack The next morning she left for the station by herself Her backpack had just socks and underwear and a sweater and pajamas a scarf and gloves She wanted to see Antibes Nice Picasso Matisse and eat bouillabaisse made with seafood and rice and bread and tomato and fish... She held the package of food I had given her From home I saw the train depart and I turned to the statues in the station in their stony sleep watching people head for unknown destinations Then I was gripped by melancholy as if her destination was death Every time she leaves I'm assailed by thoughts of death I wonder How will I bear not seeing her face for eternity?

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