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Under Your Skin

A psychological thriller with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing to the very end. A real holiday page turner which demands your time and attention, just like a gripping Friday TV drama. Crack open a bottle of wine, open a bag of nuts and enjoy!

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This novel is an interesting mixture of love, violence, intrigue and most importantly the search for perfection in art. The setting is post Renaissance Florence in 1691 and the reader will learn much about a period before the Enlightenment. Written with elegance, the atmosphere of danger and persecution is brilliantly conveyed. A real departure from the author's usual style and subject matter.

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In Praise of Hatred

A traumatic read that delivers a message of tolerance as our female narrator grows from timid student to hardened militant in a time of political turbulence and fanaticism in Syria. The main characters are gloriously vivacious and the narrative powerfully depicts the corrosive effects of sectarian prejudice. We experience religious fervour as it is pitted against erotic awakening and understand how hate can feel as passionate a force as love.

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The Shining Girls

Harper's overwhelming thirst for murder in this unconventional time-travelling crime novel is frightening and prolific. Look out for Kirby, the young girl whose appetite for life and stubbornness to find out the truth is commendable if a little reckless. Not the easiest book to read due to frequent time and character shifts so some concentration is required. However - a well-thought out plot and the finale is certainly worth the wait.

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