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Moss Witch and Other Stories

A ground-breaking collection of short stories evolving through conversations with scientists. Each one is a fusion of narrative and science. I found them a stimulating mix of natural history, geology, physics, medicine and astronomy with contemporary fiction, myth and folklore. The scientists complement each story with a scientific analysis including their reactions to the author's creative interpretations. Will appeal to the curious reader.

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The Summer We Got Free

Since the death of her twin Geo, Ava – once a vibrant child and brilliant artist – lives a colourless existence. She and her family subsist in a greyness of perpetual grief; ostracised and persecuted by their local church. Then, 17 years later, a stranger arrives. This story feels like reading a painting - shaded with mystery, loss, racial prejudice, and gay love - experiencing with Ava and her family a rediscovery of the vivid colours of life.

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Deaf at Spiral Park

A original, surreal and philosophical debut novel exploring what it is that makes us human. A bear leaves his forest home and takes a series of jobs in an unnamed city. We meet a diverse and bizarre cast of characters who get drawn into his complex world including a recruitment consultant who suffers from recurring death! Some very disturbing scenes but also some very funny ones in particular those involving the absurdities of office life!

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Girl with all the Gifts

Post-apocalyptic England is a disturbing place overrun with infected monsters, the grimly named Hungries. As the last remaining humans tread their dangerous course home, there is one central complication to their group dynamic: Melanie. I fell in love with this little hybrid girl who is part monster yet with a very human heart. Thrilling, disturbing and heartbreaking in equal measure, it kept me thinking long after the final page was turned.

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