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Claire of the Sea Light

The focus of these lyrical, inter-linked stories shifts from a missing girl to individual members of a community who become drawn into the search for her. A contemporary Haitian setting along with each character’s back story, where rich and poor alike experience personal tragedy, make this an unflinching portrayal of a town bowed by loss but united with hope.

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She Rises

An 18th century seafaring adventure with a great deal of nautical detail and 'on board' brutality. On land, there's romance, intrigue and tragedy and eventually the two strands collide to form one personality. Brilliantly descriptive of the port of Harwich. An atmospheric and intriguing debut.

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Back to Back

Certain words sprang to mind when I finished this story - vulgar, sad, angry and disturbed. It makes no difference where a child is born or under what circumstances - all children need a mother's love. Ella, Thomas and the twins didn't. They had Kathe, a mother who was selfish, political and unloving. Yes, life was difficult in East Germany but made more so with Kathe's coldness to her children which led to a tragic ending.

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It's The Stars Will Be Our Lamps

With the all seeing, omnipresent Puca as our guide, this story - a modern retelling of an ancient Irish tale - weaves a mystical and vivid path, meeting along the way a miscellany of characters. There's danger fused with dark humour, sentences dripping colour and manages to be both wicked and fun at the same time.

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Time on my Hands

I took time to get into this story of young boys emulating the Italian Red Brigades. At first I couldn't believe that eleven year old's could think and act so politically, so strategically, but the horror grew and engulfed my disbelief. We know that children can be cruel but the calculation behind the dark cruelty of these incipient serial killers was especially chilling. A tough haunting read.

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