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Butterflies in November

A woman, dumped by her husband whose mistress is pregnant, takes a road trip around Iceland with the four year old deaf son of her friend. The protagonist is engaging and the relationship she builds with the child is endearing. This is an unusual road trip story, funny and sweet and charmingly odd!

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This straight-talking portrayal of Maria's life as a transsexual is set against the backdrop of drugs and stereotypes in New York city. We meet her during a period of transition; playing witness to her inner struggles to accept her new identity as a woman. My eyes were opened to the endless turmoil faced by transsexual men and women and their daily fight to gain acceptance from others in order to find peace with who they truly are.

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Sworn Virgin

This fascinating insight into Albanian culture is a gripping, metamorphic tale. The themes of culture, gender, identity and family are explored with real understanding and piercing authenticity in this tender and arrestingly original novel.

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In Bloom

Fifteen year old Francis is diagnosed with leukaemia. How is it possible to find humour in this situation? Amazingly, this book does. Some readers may find the treatment details disturbing but it’s emotionally honest and very good on family relationships - and Francis will make you laugh. Aimed at young adults, but not exclusively. All ages will get something from it. A very sad but also a very funny and optimistic read.

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