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Nowhere People

If you think a novel about the plight of Brazil’s indigenous people sounds a bit dry and remote, this book will prove you wrong! Race, dispossession, identity and loss are brought to vivid life through the tragic, ambivalent love affair between a rich white Brazilian boy and a poor Guarani Indian girl. However, Paulo’s no spoilt brat and Maina’s no helpless victim. No easy answers to the big questions here, but lots of food for thought.

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Naw Much of a Talker

A novel set in Switzerland and written in the broad Scottish dialect isn't an easy combination to accept. But accept it I did and surprisingly, I enjoyed it. Not always easy, I had to re-read some passages, but worth it. The narrator is Goalie who I liked very much. He's a trusting fella, far too trusting and for this reason his friends take full advantage. The moral of the story shows that having a good heart doesn't necessarily reap rewards.

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Ancillary Justice

In this intergalactic quest Breq is determined to avenge her nemesis. Half-human, half-ancillary, Breq is a multidimensional character who introduces the reader to various different adversaries and allies along the way. This leap into a fantastical world may at first seem farfetched, but the nub of the story is one of conflict and unrest between different rival factions, making it an instantly recognisable and contemporary plot.

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