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Look at Me

The repercussions of a father's indiscreet bohemian lifestyle are profound when the love child from his hippy past is contacted and invited to stay. Thus follows a five act tragedy of sibling rivalry, self-deception and simmering tension between the half-sisters, as both clamour for attention. This study of shifting family dynamics will challenge your sympathies for the characters as it unfolds - whose side will you be on?

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Sea Lovers

A wonderful, beautifully written series of short stories about what it is like to be a woman. Two stories refer to mythical creatures - a mermaid and a centaur - but all of them are about how we survive our lives, about the subterfuges that we have to take in order to preserve our privacy, our dignity and our self-respect. And especially about how women have to do these things in what is a patriarchal society. Not easy, but very worthwhile.

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If I Fall, If I Die

Muddled as to whether it’s trying to be a coming of age story, a boy’s adventure tale or a psychological investigation of anxiety and agoraphobia this, nonetheless, is so beautifully written that you forgive the jumbled themes and simply love the characters. Delicious descriptions and an unsettling mother/son relationship saw me race to the end with a satisfied sigh.

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Under the Udala Trees

A deft balance between love and war, this is a compellingly stylistic depiction of a politically brutal suppression of same-sex relationships, interspersed with allegory, folklore and intransigent religiosity. The dizzying tale powerfully interweaves the internal turmoil and competing societal forces that means choosing between heart and tradition. Determined and daring in the face of hatred and persecution. Gripping storytelling.

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