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The World Without Us

If you want to read about a community that is completely messed up, this is the book for you. One act, the birth of a child, has a profound effect upon the whole neighbourhood. It is like a pebble being thrown into a lake, sending ripples to all sides. This is because there is a secret about the birth of this child, which is not really a secret, especially not to those who made it a secret. This story is about consequences.

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The Transition

The subject matter of this novel is entirely different to The Handmaid's Tale. However reading both novels certainly gave me a bilious feeling in the pit of my stomach. What is 'out there' watching us? How will our lives turn out? Are we controlled? Let me be like Karl - a chancer in life whose world is turned upside down by The Transition but who is determined to bring it down and expose it for what it really is! An unusual and quirky read.

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Room Empty

Love, friendship and the lack of it, is the sometimes tragic background to teenage anorexic, Dani's, frank account of her possibility of recovery. I guarantee that Dani will infuriate you, but you will also be cheering for her and her beloved Fletcher all the way.

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The Gallows Pole

Smell the soot, taste the wild garlic, listen to the Yorkshire tongue. You are now in 1767 when the Cragg Vale Coiners defy the establishment. The harsh reality of life on the unforgiving land is about to descend into violence. And to ascend into myth ...

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The End of Eddy

Set in a post-industrial wasteland of Northern France, this unsentimental portrait of life in a white underclass community surviving on welfare is also an unrelentingly grim coming of age memoir. The narrator’s outsider status is established from birth as an effeminate boy trying to blend into a brutal macho culture in order to avoid constant bullying. The uncomfortable reading experience is balanced by the inspirational message of the account.

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