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Say Say Say

This moving and reflective story, though not driven by plot, action or dialogue, gives the reader much to contemplate. Ella is not a character I particularly warmed to, but admired for her honest approach to her role - she knows she falls short and strives to be better. Really nails the dynamics of the relationship between a carer and the family she has been hired to help.

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Nightingale Point

This story is based on an Israeli cargo plane crashing into one of the Bijlmer tower blocks in Amsterdam. But because it is set in London it has resonances of the Grenfell Tower fire. It's a story about the survivors, how they cope with the trauma and how it impacts on the rest of their lives. It is a harrowing tale - but it is full of hope and the resilience of the human spirit.

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Snow, Dog, Foot

An old hermit fending for himself in the Italian Alps is cut off from the local community by an avalanche, with only a stray dog for company - and a rival for the scant food available. Man and dog are pitted against against Nature but the odd couple relationship is lightened with gallows humour: which one will end up eating the other? A convincing journey into madness and delusion - both unsettling and deeply affecting.

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The Tenth Muse

Is it a fallacy for a woman to think she must choose between her personal life and her ambition? In a complex, multi-stranded story, Katherine, a talented mathematician, is faced with such a choice. Whilst the mathematical concepts were completely over my head, themes of identity, gender, history and love meant there was much to keep me turning the pages. Surprisingly, piqued my interest in a subject which has always left me baffled.

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