Third Heaven Conspiracy by Giulio Leoni

Third Heaven Conspiracy

Giulio Leoni

What might have been smuggled from the last Crusader stronghold and be a cause of murder in Dante's Florence? Take a journey of discovery to the city and allow yourself to be thoroughly immersed in the fourteenth century world. Recommended for those who prefer 'The Name of the Rose' to 'The Da Vinci Code' and who are prepared to be surprised.

The killer had challenged him. He had staked everything on destiny's scales. And he had placed a hand in front of Dante's eyes, certain he would not be able to see.
The challenge must be fought and won through the use of reason, not with the executioner's irons. Even in shackles, the murderer would scorch him with his cold, contemptuous gaze if he had to admit that he did not know the reason for his crimes. For that was what he still did not know.
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Explicit sexual content