Thirst by Kerry Hudson


Kerry Hudson

Siberian Alena and Londoner Dave both tried to do what their single-parent mothers asked. Kerry Hudson pulls no punches describing the horrible results, particularly for sex-trafficked Alena, and the pair's inability to forgive themselves for what happened. BUT and it's a big but - together they just might be able to turn their lives around. Read this marvellous book and find out.

Away from Clapham, Soho and that cold toilet cubicle, Alena had wrapped herself in Dave, her job, in the people and sounds and smells of Hackney. She had hidden in a happiness she didn't deserve and now when she walked from door to door she wasn't pulling the trolley of newspapers behind her, she pulled all those girls .... She smelt their cheap body spray covering the smell of unwanted men ... the life being fucked out of the chubby hopeful faces she had betrayed.
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Explicit sexual content