Valeria's Last Stand by Marc Fitten

Valeria's Last Stand

Marc Fitten

Spinster Valeria, 68, approves of nothing and nobody until she falls for the village potter but she has a feisty rival in Ibolya, 58, the inn-keeper who flaunts her breasts to increase beer sales! This love triangle is the talk of the village until the arrival of an ambitious chimney sweep further complicates matters. Light, highly entertaining and proof that you are never too old for love.

Her neighbours! The most immoral, unreliable, uninformed, uninspired, and insane group of has-beens, alcoholics, paedophiles, perverts, unwed mothers, sissies, and Gypsies she had ever known. Her thoughts on this point were not exaggeration. She had lived in the village her entire life. She knew the village's citizens for what they were -a shiftless group of malcontents, maladroits to the last scruffy-necked man, overweight woman and unclean child.
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