Seven Devils by Elizabeth May and Laura Lam

Seven Devils

Elizabeth May and Laura Lam

This first part of a feminist space opera duology creates, almost literally, an enhancement of our own world. With life on numerous planets within the galaxy - violence, politics, extremism, food shortages, pandemics - everything seems even bigger than what we have known so far. The short chapters, jumping from present to past, made me want to read on and on, giving slowly more insight into the characters. Sci-fi that creeps under your skin …


The captain lunged with a blade. Eris smacked the weapon away and pivoted, but he came at her and slammed her into the ground. His hands were on her throat, a tight squeeze. Eris saw stars. The Oracle’s programming was a benefit and a curse. Right now, it was pumping adrenaline through his body and running code trough his brain until all that remained was the Oracle’s commands: God of Death, I kill for Thee. In Thy name I give my body.

Nothing else. No consciousness. No choice.

No autonomy.

She hit him, aiming for his kidneys. Just enough to get him off her. But it was no use, the Oracle had taken over. The programming all Tholosians had hardwired into their brains since birth was bad enough, but the chip at the base of his skull gave the AI the control over his body’s motor functions.

He was so far gone, he might never come back. Shorted out in what the Tholosians called gerulae. Mindless servants. Human drones.

  • Mad Max: Fury Road - the film
  • Florence + The Machine: Seven Devils - the song
  • Rules of Redemption (The Firebird Chronicles, #1) by T.A. White
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