The History of History by Ida Hattemer-Higgins

The History of History

Ida Hattemer-Higgins

An American works as a tour guide in Berlin and becomes obsessed by the Nazis, the Holocaust and the notion of guilt. This is a powerful and ambitious book which combines dream sequences and flights of fancy with historical fact. As rope ladders drop from the sky and the buildings of Berlin turn to flesh you will be sucked into this strange world.


One of the unstillable horrors of the Holocaust is that there is no vengeance to be had. Millions killed by millions more - there is no justice there .... The perpetrators are in every yard, in every government that provided police support, in every town that cast Jews out of knitting circles and marching bands, out of guilds and pensions, that starved neighbours out to the cattle cars all across Europe.

  • The Reader by Bernhard Schlink
  • The Dark Room by Rachel Seiffert

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