The Explorer by James Smythe

The Explorer

James Smythe

Cormac is trapped with only himself for company on a nightmare journey in a spacecraft he can't control. We know his comrades are dead, so tension and emotion come from the back story and the problem of how he resolves his destiny. I didn't understand the science, but was intrigued by the exploration of trust deception and betrayal. How well do you know your colleagues? Yourself? And I was gripped by the need to know how the end would come.


'What the hell?' Cormac asks, hitting the speakers to see if the noise will stop. He sits back and looks at the screen, at his depleting fuel gauge, and he knows that they can't be entirely coincidental. Coincidence doesn't exist. When your body is ill - symptoms - they're related, because everything in a body is related. Everything in this ship is related, tied together with wires instead of muscles, but still. You pull a wire, something else is going to stop working. We didn't turn around, even though that's what we were programmed to do, then this message and this noise ... Well, they must be related. It's a fault.

  • Wool by Hugh Howey
  • Half Way Home by Hugh Howey
  • 47 by Angela Peach

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