Uncertain Light by Marion Molteno

Uncertain Light

Marion Molteno

A love story spanning continents and decades. The action is set around the work of various UN & NGO peacekeeping and relief agencies operating in some of the most dangerous locations in the world. A serious and inspiring read - very movingly and poetically written.

'Remind me, your friend Rahul, is he in Tajikistan?'
Tessa stares. Maeve shows her the article: Among the hostages is a UN official who has been negotiating the peace settlement. No names, but Tessa does not need names. 'That's him', she says, and her voice carries no redeeming doubt.

'The waves are rising high and and wreckage floats on them
Why be afraid?
With you I have no fear of fear.
I'm not afraid I'll be afraid - '

But she is.
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