Open Door by Iosi Havilio

Open Door

Iosi Havilio

Flighty is how I'd describe the main character. Others may see her as a young girl, unsure of what she really wants from life. Drifting to a small ranch in Argentina, we can ask does she want excitement from a female lover or stability from an older man who can provide her with materialistic items and a home? Although this is an easy novel to read and a good translation, I felt at times, I was 'missing' something key to the story.

I open my eyes at some point in the early hours. Somewhere between surprised and scared. After the rain, it has become intensely cold. I have to go back. Before I leave, Eloisa, pretending to be asleep, gives me a long kiss on the mouth.
I arrived at the house with my trousers muddied up to the knees. From the gate, I could see more lights than usual and I knew that Jamie was waiting up for me. He was in the kitchen, his arms folded, his eyes beginning to close. He didn't even have the strength to ask me what had happened, but I told him anyway.
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