Day after Day by Carlo Lucarelli

Day after Day

Carlo Lucarelli

Who would he be next this killer and master of disguise? If I could have devoured this book in one sitting I would have. Lucarelli's edgy writing style heightens the tension leaving you eagerly wanting more.

'Would you ever use it? I mean, if you had to. Would you ever shoot a man with it?'

Thought: the two men on the motorway, but never with this gun and never just like that; there's always a right way of doing things. Another thought (a fleeting one, and for some reason in black-and-white): his arm extended. Bang! The bullet exploding against the man's temple, his lip curling back, as if tasting something bitter. His head flopping to the side, his legs giving way, his arm extended. Another shot when he's down. Bang!

'No, I don't think so. But I can't say for sure.'
'I don't think you would. You're not that type of person ....'

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