Tourism by Nirpal Singh Dhaliwal


Nirpal Singh Dhaliwal

All social and racial taboos are thrown to the wind as Puppy 'screws' his white friends in more way than one. Gritty and addictive - this is a view of London, and its inhabitants through the cynical eyes of a young Punjabi man. Leave your moral scruples behind and join the ride.

Michael, Shamir and I were among the few darkies there that night; other than sexual difference, it wasn't a very mixed crowd. I watched the white girls on the dance floor, swirling their hair, waving their arms and strutting back and forth; they were having a whale of a time. I like the way white chicks dance: black and Asian women, coming from cultures of the drum, can be too concerned with their performance and somewhat restrained. White girls let themselves go; they pop a few pills, and the music takes them where it will. Ecstasy brings out the best in them; they surrender, childlike, to the experience, limbs loose and free, faces glowing with joy. It's the same when you fuck them.
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Explicit sexual content