Deloume Road by Matthew Hooton

Deloume Road

Matthew Hooton

A lyrical debut novel set in a remote, sleepy Vancouver Island community, you will find yourself drawn into the world of a diverse cast of characters who have many hidden secrets and emotions and whose lives are intertwined with that of Gerald Deloume, the town's long dead founder. This all leads to a somewhat horrifying climax. An undemanding but gripping read - at times I felt I was there and could feel the heat and smell the smells!

A maple leaf falls from a branch, still green. It lands on the water face down, its veined back dry for a moment yet. I look at the back of my hand, at the blue vessels and rough skin. You lean over the edge, flicker and shadow, as if projected light before me. I watch you straining to see your reflection, but the maple leaf swirls slowly in front of you on the water's surface, blocking your view.
Blood swirling through water.
We wait for a moment together, beside the cedar-sap pool of trapped sunlight, the silence momentous, and then, slowly, you lift your small pale hand and point to the deepest section of the pool.
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