The Trojan Project by Eileen Thornton

The Trojan Project

Eileen Thornton

A sinister green light and fog bring overnight devastation to a tranquil Northumberland valley. Sarah, feisty city girl turned sheep-farmer's wife, finds herself fleeing south with amiable village bobby, Andy. But what's happened to her husband Pete? Fast-paced - indeed breathless - storytelling makes for a quick, fun read: surprisingly bright and breezy after its rather gruesome beginning. Can't wait for the TV adaptation!

'Our political careers are at stake, Brian,' Turner hissed. 'If we don't keep our heads we'll lose everything. I'm sure you, like the rest of us gathered here, are enjoying the lifestyle being in government has afforded us.'
'Yes, I'm sorry,' said Brian. 'I simply meant...'
'In that case,' the Prime Minister interrupted, coldly. 'I think we're all agreed. In the interests of national security, no one who saw anything last night should be left in a position to pass on the information.'
There was a brief pause, before the Prime Minister spoke again.
'General Bainbridge, General Lewis, I'm sure you both understand what I'm saying.'
Charles, still listening at the door, could hardly believe his ears. He grabbed at the doorframe to steady himself as a wave of dizziness swept over him. The Prime Minister's message was clear. Anyone found alive was to be killed. Murdered! It was horrible. How could he be so...?
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