Madame Mephisto by A M Bakalar

Madame Mephisto

A M Bakalar

A family split between Poland and London, between Catholicism and amorality. Just simmer gently. Now throw marijuana, cooking and incest into the mix. Bring to the boil. Add IVF treatment, the resulting baby and a cataclysmic event. Then see who has to take responsibility ... and read this book.

'We're in the Botanical Gardens. I don't know when, I didn't kidnap her. Please don't shout at me, Mum, calm down. She's fine. I gave her an ice cream. She's enjoying herself. Of course I didn't let her out of my sight. I left the money on the table in the living room, in an envelope.'
Negative. She asked me to take the photo of them together. She can remember my face now.
'Don't touch them. We can buy potted ones on the way back, if you want. Come, let's go outside and find a nice spot in the sun.'
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Explicit sexual content