Signal to Noise by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Signal to Noise

Silvia Moreno-Garcia

A book to remind you of those dark teenage years when you longed to belong. It is easy for the reader to relate to Mecha and her friends on the fringe of their in crowd when they discover they can conjure spells while playing vinyl records. In their fantasy world they succeed and achieve their desires but real life has other plans. Meeting again as adults, they revisit the secrets of the past. A slightly disturbing read.

Mecha arrived with Sebastian, placed the portable record player on the floor, flipped the case open, and was riffling through the records she had brought inside a tattered, nylon market bag. Daniela wrung her hands, hoping her mother and siblings would not burst in any time soon and that this whole witchcraft thing did not involve anything gross .... 'What are you doing?' Daniela asked eventually, because standing there and staring at her two friends was starting to bore her. 'We are picking spell music,' Mecha said. 'What spell are we doing?' 'Something about success.' 'Okay, why don't we use the Iggy Pop song?' Sebastian asked, holding up a record. 'Too obvious' Mecha said. 'What? We get points for being cryptic?' Sebastian said. 'You don't just go out there and blurt it out,' Mecha replied. 'Why not?' 'Because it would be too easy.'
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