Night Dancer by Chika Unigwe

Night Dancer

Chika Unigwe

Mma, a young Nigerian brought up by her mother, doesn't know the identity of her father. When her mother dies suddenly, Mma is left all alone. Shunned by the neighbours, she is desperate to discover her past and embarks on an emotional search for her father and her family. A moving and fascinating insight into life in Nigeria where the birth of a son is so important - and the lasting impact this has on lives and decisions.

Every child deserved a father. Indeed. Especially a child with a mother like hers to balance out her life. Whatever hurt this father might have caused could not be that bad, if Madam Gold, sensible Madam Gold, had said that any man would have done what he did. He had not sent her mother packing; she had walked out. Whatever had happened, she, not he, must be blamed for the consequences. Her mother had no right to keep her away from him, or him away from her. It was not right.
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