Silver & Salt by Elanor Dymott

Silver & Salt

Elanor Dymott

Not an easy book to read but hard to put it down! Ruthie & Vinnie are daughters of Max, an obsessive photographer, and Sophie who has mental health problems. Their difficult childhood affects Ruthie who shares her father's love of photography. The girls reunite in adulthood in a villa in Greece where the arrival of a family next door triggers tragedy. Switching between past & present, the novel unfolds in stages like a photo being developed.

One summer night a long time ago, Ruthie ran through the grove from her father. Now, in bed with Vinnie, she believes she's told the truth: there was a child in the courtyard. Instead, what she saw was a memory, as clear as though projected on a screen. Since it would have been unbearable to have lived with it all this time, her mind had hidden it away. But then Annie had traced her patterns and there was the memory's double, as though a mirror was held to the past.
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