Heavy Duty People by Iain Parke and Martin Robertson

Heavy Duty People

Iain Parke and Martin Robertson

This is the first 'biker' book I've read and I was really impressed. A gripping storyline full of crime, murder and leather-clad bikers. What really piqued my interest was the biker clubs and the way they were run. Their traditions and loyalty to each other played a huge role in the story. Damage may have been a rough diamond but it goes to show that using your brain over your anger or emotions highlights how revenge is a dish best served cold.

'Here take this,' he said handing me the phone.
'What's the reception like?' he asked.
'OK at the moment,' I told him, it could be quite patchy out this way but at the moment I had five bars showing.
'Dial when I say so,' said Butcher, watching as Billy's car disappeared round a tight bend ahead and headed out into the open countryside along a lengthy straight.
Butcher pulled over again, this time into a field entrance as Billy's car pulled away into the distance. There were no other cars parked around that I could see so I guessed Butcher wasn't going to play the same car changing trick as Dazza had pulled.
'Aren't you going to follow him?'
'No need. I know exactly where he's going. Dial the number.'
I pressed the call key.
From about a mile in front of us I suddenly saw a ball of orange black flame billowing into the sky, followed a second or so later by a boom that seemed to echo across the rolling open fields from where a pillar of black smoke started to form.
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  • Hell on Wheels: an Illustrated history of Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs by Bill Hayes