Nevada by Imogen Binnie


Imogen Binnie

This straight-talking portrayal of Maria's life as a transsexual is set against the backdrop of drugs and stereotypes in New York city. We meet her during a period of transition; playing witness to her inner struggles to accept her new identity as a woman. My eyes were opened to the endless turmoil faced by transsexual men and women and their daily fight to gain acceptance from others in order to find peace with who they truly are.

That's what it's like to be a trans woman: never being sure who knows you're trans or what that knowledge would even mean to them. Being on unsure, weird social footing. And it's not even like it matters if anybody knows you're trans. Who cares. You just don't want your hilarious, charming, complicated weirdo self to be erased by ideas people have in their heads that were made up by, like, hack TV writers, or even hackier Internet porn writers.
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