The Bread the Devil Knead by Lisa Allen-Agostini

The Bread the Devil Knead

Lisa Allen-Agostini

I really enjoyed the authentic voice of Alethea in this novel. Despite the terrible life she has, there is hope to be found in friendship and the strong bond of family. Her love for her work in a clothes shop gives her a new perspective to escape her abusive boyfriend. But even so, I found the scenes of abuse tough to read.


I hear him come in at midnight. He clean the floor, wash up the wares, put the food in plastic bowls and put them in the fridge. He was humming he new song.
While I wait for him to come inside, my mind drift to Colin: Colin in cassock and chasuble; Colin in jersey and khaki pants; Colin in he old school uniform in we two-room board house in Aranguez while Mammie making dhal and rice in the kitchen; Colin asking me what was the matter when I cry. 
Colin was such a good boy, always - Mammie shadow in church and mine at home. He used to worship he big sister. I used to love him with my whole heart. A small smile try to creep up on my face, but I wince instead when I try to move my lips. One side of my face was hot and swell up which part Leo slap me. The bag of ice melt long time.

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