Poems That Make Grown Men Cry by Anthony & Ben Holden (eds)

Poems That Make Grown Men Cry

Anthony & Ben Holden (eds)

A collection of poems relating to those things that pull at the heartstrings - loss, life, love, family. Each poem, chosen by eminent men from, amongst others, the arts and science, is introduced with a short piece expressing their feelings towards the poem. Some of these are insightful, some whimsical, not giving too much away. You can't escape the sense of sadness, the poems and anecdotes are moving - possibly best not devoured in one sitting.

Tell me not here, it needs not saying,
What tune the enchantress plays
In aftermaths of soft September
Or under blanching mays,
For she and I were long acquainted
And I knew all her ways.

On russet floors, by waters idle,
The pine lets fall its cone;
The cuckoo shouts all day long at nothing
In leafy dells alone;
And traveller's joy beguiles in autumn
Hearts that have lost their own.

From Last Poems XL by A.E. Housman
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