This is Paradise by Will Eaves

This is Paradise

Will Eaves

This could easily be a neighbouring family, or even your own. Contemporary down to earth domestic drama on parents struggling to bring up difficult children, and later the tables are turned as the children struggle to cope with parental dementia. The emotions felt real, and I’m sure the sentiments will be recognised by many.


Clive’s act of petty violence had a mesmerizing effect on his parents; it was like watching a stunt motorcyclist plough serenely into the last bus. Not again, they were both thinking, not again please - when the second flurry of blows finally broke the spell. Don half-led, half dragged his son away from the car. Now it was Clive who looked white and terrified and miserable.

  • Notes from an Exhibition by Patrick Gale
  • Anything by by Anita Brookner

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