Dark Vision by Debbie Johnson

Dark Vision

Debbie Johnson

Feeling like a rather racy young adult story, this paranormal urban fantasy is modern, funny and, sometimes, faintly ridiculous! Vampires and Celtic gods run amok in Liverpool and, of course, the fate of humanity rests on one woman’s shoulders!


Holding on to my hand, he sprinted down the alley, both of us leaping over black bin bags of rubbish and discarded milk bottles as we ran, my feet skidding on damp cobbles. A lone cat wisely scattered out of our way, and I could see the glimmer of the street lamps out on the road. He held me back with one hand as we reached the end of the passage, and I took a moment to catch a breath. It was all right for him. He was a super-fit, nigh-on immortal. I was a bloody journalist, for Christ’s sake - and on the whole we’re not made for sprinting.

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