Fallout by Sadie Jones


Sadie Jones

How far would you go for love? Betray friends, colleagues? Luke, disturbed and disturbing, must decide. He is the third in two bitter love triangles, one especially harrowing. All involved were difficult to like, but I had to feel sympathy for them too. As I read about the theatrical world of the 1970s, songs of the time kept coming to mind, and not the happy ones. An intense read with references you'll recognise if you're of a certain age.

There was no morning, none to recognise. The sun rose and lit the day, but like a mortal thing the love between them had tipped over and decayed.
'Let's leave today' she said.
He tried to find words - he who could always find words. He wanted to make her promises, tell her he could save her, and wouldn't give up, but he couldn't find any faith to offer. He only felt alone.
'Don't you want me?' he said at last, like a child.
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