The Gospel of Us by Owen Sheers

The Gospel of Us

Owen Sheers

What would you do if Jesus turned up in your town just in time for the weekend? This is how Owen Sheers imagines it happening in Port Talbot using his powerful poetic imagination to draw you in and convince you everything he describes is real. His telling of the tale is hypnotic, beautiful and enthralling. It really will make you think again.

From what I could tell they'd started tagging along with him right from the start. Everyone knows that when he left the slip on Friday Joanne had followed him along the beach, stepping her feet in the prints of his. And we know too how he picked up Peter not long after, bumping into him when he was on his way back from the fishing off the rocks at the end of the prom. But all the others? People find it hard to believe now, just how many there were. Bloody hundreds of them - most, by the look of it, fresh (or not so) off the mountain where he'd slept that night.
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