Love and Fallout by Kathryn Simmonds

Love and Fallout

Kathryn Simmonds

An evocative insight into life on Greenham Common and its aftermath portrayed in a sensitive and compelling novel. There’s a real sense of authenticity as the formative experiences of youth shape family and relationships. Great character observations; sometimes excruciating, often heartbreakingly sad, frequently funny.

‘Freedom!’ we repeated, raising our joined hands in the air, moving the cry along the line of bodies. The shout carried to the women around the corner out of sight, distantly echoing back to us, ‘Freedom!’ Spontaneous laughter and cheering. My throat tightened. The women who hadn’t got a place in the chain assembled in a ragged line, mirroring us. The cry moved over us a second time, we caught it and sent it on – it carried towards us again and with a whoop we raised our hands in a mass expression of exhilaration. We were here. It was happening.
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